How Effective is ZetaClear Toenails Fungus Treatment?

Fungus infection of your toenails is notorious for changing the color of your toenails. At times, it occurs because of hereditary reasons, but in most cases, it occurs because of excess moisture and warmth. These conditions expose you to fungi that get into the nail via skin cracks or cuts. You know you have toenails fungi if you realize that your nails are rather brittle with a dull yellow color. If the infection has advanced, then there are other symptoms such as foul smell, nail separated from the nail bed, and painful toes.

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– How to Treat Toenails Fungal Infection

Getting toenail fungus is easy and usually starts as a small black spot under the toenail. Ifnot attended to sooner by use of the right toenails fungus treatment, it can easily advance making it hard to get rid of. ZetaClear nails fungus formula is one of the best fungus treatment options you should try. Unlike many OTC medications, which make the fungus disappear for a short while only for them to show up again, this formula has the ability to eradicate the problem completely.

– What is ZetaClear Fungus Formula?

ZetaClear is a powerful combination of rich plant oils and homeopathic remedies that are effective in treating nails fungus externally and internally. According to the manufacturer, this formula has the ability to kills the fungus eradicating the dull yellow coloring and restoring the health of your nails.

– ZetaClear Ingredients

ZetaClear comes in two forms namely the oral medication, which is responsible for treating nail discoloring, painful nails, and brittleness, and the clear topical solution, which is applied directly to the toenail and the surrounding areas to help in smoothening and softening of the skin. Each of these has different ingredients that make them effective in their area of application.

The oral spray is mostly made of homeopathic ingredients that include the following Mancinella, Arsenicum, Antimonium Crudum, Nitricum Acidum, Thuja Occidentalis, and Sulphur all mixed in twenty percent alcohol base. Once mixed, the ingredients play a big role in helping ease inflammation in addition to facilitating the body’s healing process, and eventually, getting rid of the infection.

The topical clear solution, on the other hand, is made of jojoba oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, clove oil, lavender oil, lemon grass oil, vitamin E, and undecylenic acid, which is extracted from castor oil. It is responsible for fungal destruction, relieving the itching feeling, and burning sensation of the affected tissues. As you can see, the clear topical solution is made of essential oils that are very effective when it comes to fighting fungal infections. Jojoba and almond oils are also very useful in soothing the irritation of the affected tissues.

– How to Use ZetaClear Fungus Formula

Like any other treatment, you might use it wrongly especially if it is your first time to try ZetaClear. Fortunately, for you, the manufacturer has packed wit with instructions for use. When using ZetaClear oral formula, you are supposed to spray twice under the tongue three times a day if you are an adult. Kids above twelve years old should do the same. However, no instructions are given for kids below the age of twelve.

As for the topical solution, you are supposed to use the provided brush and apply on the affected area thoroughly, three times a day. Placing the applicator back in the solution might cause infection by microorganisms hence rendering the medication unhelpful. A cotton swab can be a good alternative, whereby you saturate it with the solution and apply on the affected area.

– Precautions before Use

• You should not drink the topical solution under any circumstance. If accidentally swallowed, make sure to drink a lot of water.

• Expectant mother and kids under the age of 12 years should not take the ZetaClear oral formula without consulting a physician first.

• Avoid contact with the eyes.

• All medicine should be kept out of children reach.

Benefits of Using ZetaClear Toenails Fungus Treatment

• Soothing sensation- since ZetaClear is made of essential oils, expect it to give you soothing sensation and instant relief from fungus infestation discomfort.

• It is easy to apply- toenails fungus has always been a problem to treat since the toe acts as a barrier to reaching the affected area, the ZetaClear manufacturer gives this factor a consideration, and that is why the topical solution comes with a brush applicator.

• Appealing fragrances- nothing can put you off treating toenail fungal infection than having to use a formula with an acidic smell that you will have to smell throughout the day. Luckily, for you, you no longer have to deal with that since ZetaClear Toenail fungal treatment formula is made of natural ingredients that produce a sweet and natural smell when mixed.

• No Side effects- the product is mostly made of natural ingredients, and so far, there are no reported negative side effects after using it.

• Money back guarantees- the formula comes with a 90-day money back guarantee which means you can always return it if it doesn’t work on you or simply hate it.


Despite its many benefits, it has a share of its demerits that include the following points.

• A bit more expensive compared to other toenail fungal infection treatments

• Not all ingredients are natural

• It does not work on all people

• It takes some time to heal the toenails and therefore calls for your patience when using the medication.

– Final Verdict

The major question that you may ask yourself before you start using this medication is whether it works. The simple answer to that is yes, ZetaClear works perfectly in eradicating toenails fungus and restoring them to good shape and health. However, you need to patient and persistent with using the medication since curing fungi damaged toenail cannot happen overnight. One common mistake people make is giving up or forgetting to apply the medicine. If you want results, do not miss on any dosage.

The best thing about ZetaClear is that completely clears fungi such that you do not have to worry about repeat infection. As you may know from this ZetaClear Review, most creams used as toenail fungal infection treatment make your nails more susceptible to repeat infection. If you are tired of treating the problem now and then, ZetaClear is your best choice.


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